Table of contents

Key concepts

What is Lithium’s goal?
What are illiquid assets?
What problems does Lithium solve?
Is Lithium an Oracle?
What are the differences between Price Seekers and Price Experts?


What is the LITH token? What is its utility?
What is a Reputation Token?

How does Lithium work?

How does Lithium work? How do you implement it?
Why do I need to input both the bid and ask price estimates?
Are Lithium’s price estimates reliable?
How do your price estimates compare with Machine Learning based predictions?
Why do I need to stake LITH? How are rewards allocated?
Why do I need to stake Reputation (RP)?
What are Staking Limits?
How does Lithium prevent bad actors from participating in our ecosystem?
What happened to the DMI mechanism? Is Lithium still using the DMI mechanism?
Will I lose any money or LITH?
Could you give an example of a use case scenario?

Getting started

How do I become a Price Expert?
How do I become a Price Seeker?
Where can I get LITH?
How do I claim my pre-staking rewards?
How do I submit an answer?
Will there be open testing activities in the future? Could there be some reward for participating in the test?
Can I trade illiquid assets on Lithium?
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